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I am your personal travel & trade assistant app.



Win Today, Every day, 1 x a day!

Play the infamous, daily Scratch4Prizes game.
Every time you buy or pay you get an instant WIN game
Win Smile$ - Spend your smile$ on airtime, electricity or pay any Buddy Business
Win Vouchers - Redeem your Vouchers with the Buddy Business
Lookout for the Buddy QR code. Scan it and get a free WIN game
When paying a Business, lookout for WIN games.
Buying airtime or electricity always gets you a WIN game.

Premium Buddies get to WIN more & more often.

Premium Buddies get a Premium WIN game each time they buy, pay or play




Ask Buddy


We inform, advise, assist, book, schedule & guide
Premium Buddies get more personal assistance with loads more Smile$ back when using the local personal travel assistance service.

For Premium Buddies we include restaurant bookings.

Collect / Loyalty

Collect Loyalty Badges from participating Buddy Businesses for shopping or buying with Buddy via Digital Loyalty Cards.

Manage all your Loyalty Cards in one easy accessible space within your wallet via the Buddy SuperApp.

A set number of badges collected converts into a digital Voucher which you can then use to redeem goods and services from the Business via the Pay feature or directly from your Wallet (icon).

Premium Buddies can access Premium Loyalty cards that are not accessible to Freemium Users


Connect and get informed

Connect to a Buddy Business with ease. Connect with a variety of community apps, social business feeds, content pages, travel maps, directory services and loads more via the Buddy SuperApp.

Premium Buddies have access to premium content, maps, pages and functions


Grab personalised, 2-for-1, free and/or discounted deals, coupons or vouchers,
via the Grab & Gift section in the Buddy SuperApp.

Premium Buddies can grab premium GrabVouchers .

Premium Buddies also earn up to 30% Smile$ cashback on Value Vouchers Grabbed or Gifted



Grab and Gift somebody a digital gift voucher via the Buddy SuperApp.

A Gift Voucher can be redeemed at the specific Buddy Business for the value of goods & services. Redeem from the Wallet or via QR scan.

Premium Buddies earn up to 30% Smile$ Cashback on Gift Cards grabbed.

Order your groceries, take out, liquor, masseuse, cleaning team, dog walker, in-house chef, or anything you can think of straight from the Buddy SuperApp. Use the ‘Ask Buddy’ feature to get your order organised and delivered to your desired location.

Premium Buddies earn up to 30% Smile$ cashback on any orders via the Buddy SuperApp.


Order your favourite eats via the Buddy SuperApp and have your meal delivered to your home or office. Filter, search via category, keyword or shop name.

Earn Smile$ (cashback) and an instant WIN game with each order.

Premium Buddies earn up to 9% Cashback and Premium instant WIN games with their BuddyEats orders.


Shop from multiple businesses in BuddyStore. Find anything and everything local to buy within multiple different communities, directly from within the Buddy SuperApp.

Filter or search via keyword, product type, categories and shop name.

Browse shops, product categories, and products and buy directly with ease.

Checkout and pay with Card, Wallet, Loyalty Points or Crypto

Buddy delivers to your doorstep. Earn Smile$ with each transaction.

Premium Buddies earn up to 15% Smile$ back and Premium WIN Games with each order via BuddyStore.


A modern twist on how to sell your unwanted items. List them as a Raffle and get multiple people to buy a raffle ticket

The Raffle automatically randomly chooses 1 x Lucky winner at the end of your set date.

You can set fixed rules on your Raffles - e.g. Number of raffles sold, specific time frame, valid per ticket, fixed number of tickets sold before Raffle draw date.


List your previously loved items on our Marketplace in unique predefined categories, and get them sold easily and conveniently amongst an ever growing community of users.

Choose from listing in Buy & Sell, Properties, Cars, Auctions or Raffles.

Allow users to bid on your listings, chat directly or even call you directly.

Premium Buddies get to list unlimited items in the MarketPlace for free.

Switch to one of our Community Apps via the Switch feature in the Buddy SuperApp.

A Switch app provides you with community information, targeted deals & feeds.

Access private pages, groups, galleries and loads more without the need to download yet another app.

Conveniently stay within the Switch Community for as long as you desire, even if you close and open your app again.

Switch between multiple communities to discover the value the community wishes to offer, with ease and without populating your app without multiple unwanted apps.

1 App to Manage them all

Premium Buddies have access to Premium Community APPS


Earn Smile$ (cashback) each time you use the app to buy or pay.

Premium Buddies earn more Smile$ cashback when they buy or pay.

Earn Smile$ when you complete tasks, surveys or polls with EasySmile$.

Premium Buddies earn more Smile$ on EasySmile$ surveys, tasks & polls. (Pay with your Smile$ at any registered Buddy merchant, buy airtime, electricity, lotto tickets or even shop online in BuddyEats or BuddyStore.

Smile$ can be earned and burned at any Buddy business.


A convenient, safe, secure,
easy & contactless way to
pay a business via your
smartphone using the Buddy

Scan the Buddy Business QR or select/search for the desired
Business from a list and pay with multiple options to choose


Add multiple bank Cards into the Buddy SuperApp as payment methods to choose from when paying or buying with Buddy.

We use the latest security software and standards when you vault your card with us.

You receive digital invoices & receipts directly from the supplier after a successful payment is completed


Pay using your loyalty Smile$ earned at any Buddy Business.


Top up your Wallet via EFT, Card, Vending Kiosk or Buddy Business. Choose your wallet when paying a Buddy Business or buying with Buddy


You can pay using our unique multipurpose KaChing Token . This token holds a stored value and can be used @ any Buddy Merchant or Business


Pay using a voucher that you have won, grabbed or been gifted

Premium Buddies always get an instant Premium WIN game when paying with Buddy

Premium Buddies get up to 3% back when paying with Buddy



Premium feature only

Trigger an SOS panic alert from within the Buddy SuperApp or download the Buddy SOS app separately and trigger the SOS for the following reasons

Car BreakDown

Medical Emergency


The app maps (pinpoints) your exact location and shares it with emergency service

providers along with your medical details and next of kin contact information.

Our Emergency services will send out assistance services to your location or an ambulance if needed.

For Travellers using the TravelBuddy Switch App, we include repatriation flights & car breakdown services.

The app also allows for Telemedicine services with Paramedics and Mental Health Care practitioners on standby 24/7.

Only Premium Buddies get access to this Feature via the Buddy SuperApp.

Buy & Earn Smile$

Buy digital VAS (Value Added Services) from the Buddy SuperApp and earn Smile$ back each time you buy.

Bill Payments
Magic Lotto
Sports Betting

1-3% Smile$ Cashback


Up to 9% Smile$ Cashback




1% Smile$ Cashback




1% Smile$ Cashback

Bill Payments


Bill Payments

Up to 1% Smile$ Cashback

Magic Lotto


Magic Lotto

Up to 4% Smile$ Cashback

Sports Betting


Sports Betting

Up to 4% Smile$ Cashback



Locate any business registered with Buddy with ease via the YelloPages or via the interactive Travel Map.

Search via map, name, keyword, category, tag, and locate a desired business with ease.

Bid & Quote

Request a Quote or do a direct bid to a business or business service of your choice.

Ideal when looking for accommodation, replacing your tyres for your car or buying a new TV.

Put in a direct bid and see if luck is on your side, OR request a


Scan Buddy QR Codes and other QR codes through the Buddy QR scanner.

A QR allows a Buddy user to

Pay a Business

Rate a Business

Get Information

Connect to Business Information

Open a Webpage

Open Doors & Gates

Play WIN Games

Collect a Loyalty Badge


Travel with the Buddy SuperApp.

Use the CabBuddy feature to book a trusted and vetted cab or shuttle service in local travel destinations to get you to where you are going.

Set your pickup and drop off point with ease via an interactive map.

Ideal for tourists/travellers. Stay Safe, Pay Safe & Clean. Earn Smile$.

Premium Buddies earn up to 9% Smile$ back when using this service


Book anything and everything with Buddy via the Ask Buddy feature with ease.

Your local knowledgeable, multilingual, personal travel and trade assistant is at your service.

Book accommodation & activities using Buddy while being informed, assisted, and advised.

Ear Smile$ whenever you book with the Buddy SuperApp.

Premium Buddies earn up to 30% Smile$ Cashback when booking accommodation or activities

Ask buddy to book you a restaurant

As a traveller, make use of the premium benefit to get the best spot booked for your desired experience


Earn Smile$ with EasySmile$ when completing tasks & surveys located in the business social feed via the Buddy SuperApp.

There is nothing as easy as earning Smile$ with EasySmile$.

Premium Buddies earn up to 30% more smile$ on completed surveys, polls & tasks vs Freemium Buddies.